Abandoned property in West Africa
Bike couple
Bilbao, Spain
French beach town
Rome view-steps
Sign post(france)
spiral stairway
Three women in Bahia
Barcelona(red motorcycles)
Red airplane at Tibi Dabi
Tibi Dabi in Barcelona
Florence outer corridor
Florence rooftops
Florence-arial view
Inner Dome-3
Fish stand in Hawaii
Mountain view in Maui
Seafood restaurant
At the Millenium bridge-2
At the New Millenium bridge
Entering Victoria station
Market eateries in London
Market in London-3
Outdoor London market-2
The Cutty Sark
The London Eye-2
The Millenium bridge(LS)
Victoria Station in London
View from the London Eye
View of the London Eye
Beach & Sky
Bob marleys' restaurant in Cozumel
Chaise walkway
Mexican resort
Resort view
The gangs all here!
A solitary pidgion at the Louve
Arc de Triumph
The artist on the Seine
View of La Defence from roof of the Arc de Triumph
View of the Eiffel Tower from roof of the Arc de Triumph